SEO is Still The Kingmaker!!!

28 Nov 2016 by Ravi Sah
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SEO is still the kingmaker

In order to understand search engine optimization, you need to understand what search is and then proceed accordingly. Search is intent in simple words. How people search is often decided by how people learn. Not all queries are correct in syntax but Google is trying to organize the worlds information and make it accessible to all. Even queries with the misspell keywords often have a purchase intent that needs to be tapped.

These are hot buttons for marketers that can reveal a mine-field of information. Huge clickstreams of data are being emitted every second through the omniboxes of search engines which are being recorded to know what that the world wants. As a marketer, if you can keep your nose to the ground and reach out for information that the audiences are searching for, then you are already one step ahead of competition. Tweaking your products and services to what audiences want will reduce your marketing expenditure as your products will be more market-friendly.

SEO Is Not a Magic Wand

Correct. Nothing in the field of marketing is. SEO is a set of systematic steps that are taken to increase the rankings of a website in search engines for certain well defined keywords. Together these steps are required to be taken on a consistent basis in order to sustain the high rankings for a long time to come. Business owners confess that they get a lot of mental peace by seeing their websites rank high in search engines which gives them visibility and more business.

Certain businesses have a dedicated online delivery model and they rely completely on high rankings to compete aggressively with their competitors. SEO is a subset of search engine marketing where good quality back-links, in-bound links from high quality sites are essential to increase the rankings by helping search engine bots find your site easier and rank them ahead of your peers in the same industry.

Link building, article writing, blog writing, press releases, link exchange are some of the activities that are regularly taken in order to ensure high ranks. Strategies are constantly updated to ensure symmetry with Google updates that happen from time to time like panda, penguin, hummingbird which have ensured that even one good quality original article gets its due in terms of visibility without the author resorting to any extra advertising expenditure it is only in such an ecosystem that talent survives and thrives helping the industry move forward.

App Stores: The Next Battle-field

The battle for eyeballs has now extended from search engines to app stores as people now look for apps for solving their day to day problems. Websites are not easily accessible on mobiles as much as apps are. SEO executives are now offering packages to businesses where the website and mobile app are both developed and optimized in order to give higher value to businesses embracing online marketing. Digital is the future of marketing and more investments are going to move from offline marketing to online marketing in the times to come.

Ravi Sah

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