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Android Getting Better with Each Passing Day!!!

12 Dec 2016 by Ravi Sah

As an operating system, android has gained from strength to strength in the past 7-8 years as it has taken the world by storm. Its the backbone of the poor mans smartphone and has helped in the exponential growth of the web. Industries like ecommerce, education, travel rely heavily on android to make their products and services within the reach of lower income group people across the world.

Maximum growth

How to Make Shapes with CSS?

01 Dec 2016 by Ravi Sah
CSS Shapes

Hello every one i am ravi, in todays tutorial, permits create a simple list of the most commonplace shapes that may be created the usage of CSS3. we are able to make progress through the item and at the end, you may learn how to create some thing honestly splendid. This educational will provide you with an perception into CSS3 Shapes and a way to create them for your very own. It covers more than one shapes that could truely speed

SEO is Still The Kingmaker!!!

28 Nov 2016 by Ravi Sah
SEO is still the kingmaker

In order to understand search engine optimization, you need to understand what search is and then proceed accordingly. Search is intent in simple words. How people search is often decided by how people learn. Not all queries are correct in syntax but Google is trying to organize the worlds information and make it accessible to all. Even queries with the misspell keywords often have a purch

How to Validate HTML form using Jquery

09 Nov 2016 by Ravi Sah
How to Validate HTML form using Jquery

Jquery Validation is simple, it doesn't have to be a scary or time-consuming process. This tutorial shows you how to set up a basic form validation with jQuery. Here i am going to use jQuery Validation Plugin, it makes simple clientside form validation easy, whilst still offering plenty of customization options.

Form View

Step 1: Include jQuery
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