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10 Qualities That Every Creative Web Designer Must Have

22 Feb 2017 by Ravi Sah
Creative Web Designer

If you have always been a fan of creativity, internet and innovation, and passion towards the artistic spirit, then you must have been squandered all, the designing and sketch related stuff online. I was always fascinated by the website designs, how they could be changed for better, what sorts of colours would attract the users, and eventually I became a website designer. So, if you are still searching your car

5 Reasons To Use Bootstrap for Web Design

03 Feb 2017 by Ravi Sah

Gone are those difficult days of developing web designs without having any developer friendly environment and visual less processing. Let's say you are generating web designs from quite long and use the same software or framework from the very beginning till now. Here, a simple question arrives in the mind that how can a developer operate an outdated coding environment which lacks customizability and other significant featur

5 Quick Tips For Landing Page Design

10 Jan 2017 by Ravi Sah

1. Minimalistic Approach

Minimalistic Approach

Make sure to keep the strategy and layout of the website minimalistic. Too much of things cluttered up together tend to be confusing for the user visiting your website. People should be able to understand what the company does as soon as they land on the webpage. Let the attention be directed to the most significant section of the website. For a more professional look, place

8 Design Trends for 2017 You Should Know Before Starting Your Website Design

27 Dec 2016 by Ravi Sah
Design Trends  for 2017

As this year is coming to an end, and the bliss and excitement of 2017 are already cheering the people. As we all know, New Year brings new thrills, innovations, and creative designing ideas in the case of website designers.

Keeping that in mind, we have compiled a list of all the new possible changes and design improvements that would take the website designing to a whole new le

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